Privacy Policy

Trimed Healthcare protects with special care the security and privacy of information obtained from its web page users and their personal data in compliance with the applicable legal provisions of the Republic of Albania. Please read more below about collecting, saving, using and disseminating information.

You may use our website without entering your personal data. You are only asked to submit your personal data if you order any our product or service.

We collect personal data only when you send them to us by registration, completion of forms or e-mails, as part of an order of products or services, inquiries or requests about materials being ordered and similar situations when you decide to send your personal data to us.

In addition to the data that you send to us, we also collect information from cookies. The information may include the web pages linked to our website, the web pages that you visit from our website, your IP address and the length of your visit to our web page. We could use the information to identify you, but this is not what we do.

The data and information you send to us, or which we collect through cookies, may be processed for the following purposes: statistical purposes and for identifying demographics and interests of website users, but only so that you cannot be identified; diagnosing problems with our server and administering our website; providing you with products or services you have requested, or for other purposes you have requested or agreed to, unless required otherwise by law.

Your personal data will remain in Trimed Healthcare. They are in stored on the servers we manage. Neither we nor our business partners shall in any form convey your data to any third parties, unless we obtain your consent to do so, or if so required by legal authorities.

We file your personal data on computers and/ or automatically process them in Republic of Albania. We do not export your personal data to third countries for processing.

Certain sections of our website contain information accessible according to the Medicinal Products Act only to pharmacists. This is why we collect visitors’ contact information and some personal data about the pharmacists, who are looking for access to products information and online shopping. Their personal data are used to ensure that Trimed Healthcare enables website access in accordance with the legislation governing medicinal products. Visitors are exclusively responsible for providing true data. Visitor’s contact information is used to contact the visitor as and when necessary. We do not use personal data and contact information for any other purpose, nor do we release them to third parties.

If you have any other questions related to Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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